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New web-based platform brings professional grade inforgraphic design to any sized company and any sized budgets.

Toronto-based Venngage, an offshoot of, a startup that launched last year to help users turn details from their LinkedIn profiles into infographic resumes, is offering up an affordable and simple platform for businesses to create infographics without the hassle of in-house designers. 

“We’re designed for the end users,” Venngage CMO Lucas Walker told Mashable. “We’re made for those who gather the information and use it.” Venngage is an online resource. Users can login from any Internet connection and create infographics through a click-and-drag interface. While the friendly user interface may be what gets people looking at the platform, the low cost of the service will more than likely be the deciding factor.

Venngage offers three account types

  • Basic - free but contains a watermark on each graphic
  • Professional - $20 a month per account - users can access API plugins to Facebook and Google Analytics to enhance their visualizations
  • Enterprise - offers real-time analytics and custom algorithms for data gathering for a range of prices